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13 December 2008 @ 11:28 pm
New here? Great, glad you joined! Now here's a whole form you can fill out to let us know who exactly you are. Its pretty long, I warn you. But hey, I like writing out things like this. And a lot of these things are optional, feel free to ignore them. You can also add things into this, personalize it to your liking! Its your own little bio/profile so you can really do whatever you'd like with this, I encourage you to customize it to your liking. [=

name: [screen-name or a name of some sort that you wouldn't mind us calling you]
age: [just out of curiosity, and force of habit. This seems to be on every form ever created haha]
gender: [I don't know just another spacefiller question ignore if you wish.]

how long have you been a WWE fan?: [its good to know these things.]
are you partial to faces or heels?: [do you like the good guys or the baddies?]
which brand do you watch most?: [RAW, ECW, Smackdown! or a combination of the 3]
who is your favorite superstar(s)?: [who do you favor?]
who is your favorite diva(s)?: [which diva do you favor?]
which superstar do you dislike the most?: [who do you dislike and/or hate?]
which diva do you dislike the most?: [who do you dislike and/or hate?]
how often do you watch WWE?: [every week? whenever you can catch it?]
do you watch the pay-per-view events?: [well, do you?]
what is your favorite finisher of any superstar?: [do tell!]
why WWE?: [why do you watch WWE?]
your favorite tag team?: [which duo do you favor?]
least favorite tag team?: [which duo do you dislike/hate?]
favorite couple?: [come on we all love these now don't we?]
favorite show on WWE.com?: [the dirt sheet, word up!, santino's casa, ect]

have any WWE communities you'd suggest to us?:
any graphics communities?:
any fanfics you'd suggest?:
how about some fanart to look at?:

other sites you're on:
[if applicable]
IM services/screen-names?: [please specify which IM services you have as well as your screen names, if you actually want to post them publicly, that is. You don't have to.]
other fandoms you have?: [what else are you interested in?]

13 December 2008 @ 06:49 pm
Welcome to WWE Fans United! [WWEFU] This community aims to connect the WWE fan nation that is scattered about on livejournal. We embrace fans of any and every kind, your alliance doesn't matter here. You could be a fan of the biggest heel in the history of the WWE, you're still welcome here! We have a little rundown set up here for you of our rules and whatnot;
  • Be nice, don't bash or flame each other. This isn't a place to fight and bicker about who's wrestlers are better, its a place to connect and meet WWE fans. You'll definitely meet people you don't agree with, but that doesn't mean you have to argue. Be nice and respectful!
  • Don't give out too much personal info. IE; last name, address, where exactly you live. Yeah don't do it, its dangerous. We should all know this by now am I right?
  • This isn't a WWE discussion community. What I mean by this is that you cannot post entries to discuss a WWE event. Your posts let us know about you as a WWE fan. Discussions about anything WWE can occur in comments to members' entries, but as stated before cannot be entries themselves. We also can point you in the direction of discussion communities if you so desire.
  • Swearing is permitted, but don't go overboard. Nothing too extreme. no f-bombs, no c-word.
  • Please don't post fanfiction, fanart, and/or graphics entries here. You can promote your fanfictions, fanart, graphics, icons, and whatever else your little heart desires in your introductions, but no entries that are just for your writing and graphics.
  • Please comment on other people's intros! not a rule, but it'd make us all one very big, fuzzy, happy fan nation!
  • 3 count, you're out. Basically three strikes. Neglecting to follow the rules 3 times results in a ban. Plain and simple.
I don't have any worries about anybody really. I feel that this is going to be a lot of fun.

if you have any questions and/or suggestions, please feel free to comment to this entry with them!