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13 December 2008 @ 11:28 pm
new members profile form  
New here? Great, glad you joined! Now here's a whole form you can fill out to let us know who exactly you are. Its pretty long, I warn you. But hey, I like writing out things like this. And a lot of these things are optional, feel free to ignore them. You can also add things into this, personalize it to your liking! Its your own little bio/profile so you can really do whatever you'd like with this, I encourage you to customize it to your liking. [=

name: [screen-name or a name of some sort that you wouldn't mind us calling you]
age: [just out of curiosity, and force of habit. This seems to be on every form ever created haha]
gender: [I don't know just another spacefiller question ignore if you wish.]

how long have you been a WWE fan?: [its good to know these things.]
are you partial to faces or heels?: [do you like the good guys or the baddies?]
which brand do you watch most?: [RAW, ECW, Smackdown! or a combination of the 3]
who is your favorite superstar(s)?: [who do you favor?]
who is your favorite diva(s)?: [which diva do you favor?]
which superstar do you dislike the most?: [who do you dislike and/or hate?]
which diva do you dislike the most?: [who do you dislike and/or hate?]
how often do you watch WWE?: [every week? whenever you can catch it?]
do you watch the pay-per-view events?: [well, do you?]
what is your favorite finisher of any superstar?: [do tell!]
why WWE?: [why do you watch WWE?]
your favorite tag team?: [which duo do you favor?]
least favorite tag team?: [which duo do you dislike/hate?]
favorite couple?: [come on we all love these now don't we?]
favorite show on WWE.com?: [the dirt sheet, word up!, santino's casa, ect]

have any WWE communities you'd suggest to us?:
any graphics communities?:
any fanfics you'd suggest?:
how about some fanart to look at?:

other sites you're on:
[if applicable]
IM services/screen-names?: [please specify which IM services you have as well as your screen names, if you actually want to post them publicly, that is. You don't have to.]
other fandoms you have?: [what else are you interested in?]